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The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration

IIAS-IASIA– Improving Administrative Sciences Worldwide

The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) is an association of organisations and individuals whose activities and interests focus on public administration and management. Its main emphasis is on the development and use of human resources. IASIA is a not-for-profit association supported by membership fees, income from services, the voluntary services of its members and contributions from funding organisations.

From a concept first articulated in Vienna in 1962, the Association, which is a constituent organ of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), was formally incorporated in Rome during the IIAS Congress of 1971.

The Latin American Group for Public Administration

LAGPA – Improving Administrative Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean

LAPGA is a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences whose purpose is to strengthen links and interact with experts from Latin America and the Caribbean, both professionals and academics, to give the excellence of Public Administration in the region.


Who we are?

The National Authority of Civil Service – SERVIR is a public entity * attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers whose purpose is the management of persons at the service of the State. It could be said that it is the human resources management of the public administration.

SERVIR was born in June 2008 to modernize the public function. Seek a meritocratic civil service, flexible and with high levels of efficiency that best serve all Peruvians. To do this, you must implement the Civil Service Reform.

Why do we need a Civil Service reform? Because the Peruvian State needs to modernize its public institutions (be it the National Government, regional governments or municipalities), professionalize the public function and strengthen the human resources offices to move from a “payroll administration” to the “management of people “, as well as develop a greater managerial capacity.

In that sense, the principles of the reform that SERVIR leads seek that the State has people (Civil Service) with a clear orientation of service to the citizen, who are governed by principles of merit, that their income is given through transparent processes, which they are evaluated by the achievement of specific objectives and receive incentives based on performance.

The role of SERVIR is, then, to formulate national policies, issue binding technical opinions, dictate standards, monitor compliance and resolve conflicts over the State’s human resources. This reform, whose results are planned for the medium and long term, finds its foundations in the State Policies subscribed in the National Agreement, specifically those referred to have an Efficient, Transparent and Decentralized State.

* SERVIR is a specialized technical organization, that is, it has functional independence to carry out its work at a multisectoral and intergovernmental level regarding the management of persons at the service of the State. It should be noted that not all public entities are under the jurisdiction of SERVIR. To know the exceptions and more, review Legislative Decree 1023.

More information via http://www.servir.gob.pe

Sedes Sapientiae Catholic University

The Sedes Sapientiae Catholic University was founded on May 31, 1998 by Monsignor Lino Panizza Richero and approved on December 27, 1999, by Resolution No. 688-99 CONAFU.

The Diocese of Carabayllo is a promoter of the UCSS, jurisdiction of the Catholic Church that has called professionals with extensive experience in the educational and cultural field of the country and abroad, to collaborate with this educational proposal.

It offers the student a solid and coherent formation with the principles of the Catholic Church, concentrating on the academic quality and offering his students an integral and committed formation with the society.

More informaton via https://www.ucss.edu.pe/

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