Working Group VII: Public Policy, Public Decision-making, and Policy Implementation

This working group invites paper proposals on scholarly research into new public policy developments from all over the world, be it on either the national, regional or local level. The papers could address the following themes:

  • Papers related to the conference theme, addressing public policies related to globalization and regionalization, preferably through a comparative analysis. We especially welcome proposals that address the successes and difficulties of policy making and implementation thereof in an era where globalization exerts pressure on national and subnational governments alike. In this regard, proposals are welcome on policy areas such as global economic integration, transnational cultural trends, international migration, international security, climate change, and international integration of policies of subnational governments, the consequences of globalization on the subsidiarity principle.
  • Empirical papers, addressing new and innovative forms of policy development, decision-making and implementation, and emphasizing whether such innovations could be seen as best practices. Such papers could be single case studies about innovative and creative approaches in designing and implementing policies and collaboration, for instance, between different levels of governments and their environment. Papers in this area can address any policy area such as the environment, education, immigration, health, or social security.
  • Theoretical papers: Addressing theoretical approaches to understanding public policy making in general, be it about novel issues such as co-production, evidence-based policymaking, or nudging, or in a more classical way, explaining the effectiveness, efficiency, legitimacy and/or rationality of public policies.

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Prof.dr. Christina Andrews

Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil


Prof. dr. Henry Wissink

University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Project director:

Prof. Dr. Michiel S de Vries

Radboud University, The Netherlands


15 February 2018: Abstract submission deadline
28 February 2018: Authors’ notification
1 June 2018: Final paper submission deadline
1 June 2018: Deadline for registration and payment

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