Working Group I: Education and Training in Public Administration

Working Group I Education and Training is considered by many to be the “heart” of the Annual IASIA Conference. Papers presented as part of this Working Group, focusing on the enhancement of instruction and capacity building, the improvement of research in pedagogy, and the development of high performing Schools and Institutes of Administration (SIAs), are also relevant to many of the other Working Groups.

We are aware that, in addition to the challenges of creating in our students/participants the competencies of building sub-national administrative policies/procedures/administrative structures that are economic, efficient, effective, ethical and equitable, the faculty and staff of Schools and Institutes of Administration must ensure that all residents perceive that the government’s policy outcomes are equitable, procedurally just, and that the residents are treated with respect and their dignity is maintained.

This theme offers many opportunities for those wanting to present their thoughts at the sessions sponsored by Working Group I. This Working Group is encouraging papers that response to the following “research questions:

Competencies required by our student/participants: What competencies are required by our students/participants to meet the challenges of designing, monitoring and evaluating the administrative structures and policy and procedures to ensure the delivery of economical-efficient-effective-ethical and equitable public goods and services by sub-national governments. What new skills and theories are needed by our students/participants to achieve these competencies?

Instructional methods: What are the “best” methods for developing these competencies? For what types of students?

Evaluation: How do we evaluate whether our students gain these competencies?

Distributional methods: What are the “best” ways of distributing this instructions (ie: lectures, visuals, internet, learning packages, online education, etc) for achieving these competencies?

Research: What research needs to be carried out by staff and students on the requisites, consequences, and practices of to meet the challenges posed to achieve the state of “Good Governance” in sub-national governments.

Other topics relevant to the designing and managing SIAs and the enhancement of Instructions in Schools and Institutes of Administrations: Presentations directed at these questions are welcomed. These papers can be based upon empirical research, theoretical considerations, and/or case studies. For single site case studies, every effort should be made to identify the relevance of findings to other situations. In every presentation, evidence-based implications for the improvement of training and education and/or the management and design of Schools and Institutes of Administration should be clear. Proposers are encouraged to review the UNDESA/IASIA “Standards of Excellence and their supporting criteria for possible topics and research questions (

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Prof. dr. Hendri Kroukamp

University of the Free State, South Africa


Ms. Ludmila Gajdosova

NISPAcee, Slovak Republic

Project director

Prof. dr. Blue Wooldridge

Virginia Commonwealth University, United States


15 February 2018: Abstract submission deadline
28 February 2018: Authors’ notification
1 June 2018: Final paper submission deadline
1 June 2018: Deadline for registration and payment

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