Sub-theme XV: Neo-protectionism and public policies

In the last 30 years, neoliberal theorists have been praising globalization and free trade for their positive effects on socio-economic development in general. Inspired by this ideology, the New Public Management has strongly influenced the design and implementation of public policies as well as the nature and structure of the State and its institutions in numerous countries.

Nevertheless, the situation is chang15ing. The increasing inequalities and the financial and economic crisis of 2008 have sharpened the internal politics and put pressure on public administrations and their resources. As a result, a series of discontentment and protectionist ideas have emerged, which were clearly expressed through Brexit and the 2016 presidential elections in the United States. However, due to the interconnections produced by the globalization process, the emerging neo-protectionist movements have created uncertainties at the global level, thus affecting the socio-economic environment as well as the institutional order.

The following questions will be discussed in this sub-theme:

  • What is the impact of neo-protectionism on public policies?
  • How will the public sector reform be guided under protectionist leadership?
  • In such a context, how will public administrations respond to regional and global challenges?
  • Will the export of “models of governance” cease because of isolationist measures?

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15 February 2018: Abstract submission deadline
28 February 2018: Authors’ notification
1 June 2018: Final paper submission deadline
1 June 2018: Deadline for registration and payment

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