Globalization, Territories and Integration

2018 IASIA LAGPA Conference, 23-26 July in Lima, Peru



The organization of an annual IASIA conference is a project consisting of several elements (scientific preparation - mobilization of a network - practical organization), which requires constant dialogue between IASIA, the IASIA/IIAS Secretariat, and the host institution (IASIA member).

The conference brings together practitioners, academics, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who exchange on a chosen theme. The theme selected for the conference is a topic of major concern for public administration and management.



The objectives of the Conference are:

  • organize and encourage the production and exchange of knowledge on the evolution of the theory and practice of public administration;
  • promote comparative studies and the development of public administration theory;
  • facilitate innovation in ideas, methods and techniques in public administration;
  • strengthen dialogue between academics and practitioners;
  • facilitate the development and consolidation of a community of public administration experts open to young researchers and public officials.

To achieve these objectives,

the annual conference is organized around several activities. The opening day of the meeting is devoted exclusively to consideration of this theme. The remainder of the conference is devoted to the consideration of current and ongoing topics and concerns of the several working/research groups
of the Association:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Special panels/forums
  • Working Groups' sessions
  • PhD seminar



Accepted contributions




Please find below the complete list of call-for-papers for the IASIA-LAGPA joint conference

Submission track


Working Group I:

 Education and Training in Public Administration

Hendri Kroukamp

Ludmila Gajdosova

Blue Wooldridge

Working Group II:

Ethics and Culture in the Public Sector

Paul Collins

Najat Zarrouk

Working Group III:

Public Sector Reform

Randhir Auluck

Benoit Cathala

Alketa Peci

Working Group IV:

Subnational Governance and Development

Cristina Rodriguez-Acosta

Amitava Basu

PS Reddy

Working Group V:

Gender, Diversity and Equity

Pregala Pillay

Susan Gooden

Laila El-Baradei

Working Group VI:

Public Sector Governance, Leadership and Management

Liezel Lues

Yingchun Sun

Juraj Nemec

Working Group VII:

Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation

Christina Andrews

Henry Wissink

Michiel S de Vries

Working Group VIII:

Public Sector Human Resources Management

Chafika Agueznay

Liza Van Jaarsveldt

Working Group IX:

International Dimensions of the Public Administration

Frank Naert

Adrian Velazquez Vazquez

Ruben Dario Echeverry

Working Group X:

Public Administration in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

Tamer Qarmout

Working Group XI:

Globalization, Territories and Integration

Paulo Roberto de Mendonça Motta

Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi

PhD Seminar

Meredith Newman

Wolfgang Drechsler

Sub-theme XIII:

Governance in Latin America


Sub-theme XIV:


Antonio Maldonado

Sub-theme XV:

Neo-Protectionism and Public Policies


Registration fees for the 2018 IASIA-LAGPA Conference

Category Fee/Registration & Payment
Members of IASIA and Host Country representatives 425 Euros
Non-members of the IASIA 525 Euros
IASIA Board of Management 200 Euros
Working Groups' co-chairs/project directors 100 Euros
Students 150 Euros
Accompanying persons 120 Euros


IASIA-LAGPA Provisional Programme Lima, Peru 23-26 July 2018

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Scientific Programme

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